A new partnership project was formed between Kobuleti Community College “Akhali Talgha" and the Estonian Vocational Education and Training institution - “Valga", which entails a continous cooperation in the logistics industry, and the preparation of a highly qualified personnel in heavy and large-scale domestic and international freight transportation.
During the visit to Adjara region, the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze visited several educational institutions. Amongst them was the Shota Rustaveli State University, where the Minister inspected the newly renovated technological faculty building, recently created university test center, and the industry related innovation laboratory – Publab, where... Read More
During the visit of Adjara region, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, together with the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of Adjara A/R – Mr. George Tavamaishvili inspected a newly constructed public school in Salibauri - Khelvachauri municipality and met with the school teachers.
Within the vocational education reform framework, Kobuleti vocational college “Akhali Talgha” is undergoing a major renovation and refurbishment process. The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, together the Minister of Culture and Sport of Adjara A /R – Mr. George Tavamaishvili got acquainted with the whole process.
College "Spektri" has been successfully cooperating with the private company - "Elita Burji" for three years now. The company’s is mainly focused on construction and manufacturing materials for the construction industry. Additionally, the company is equipped with modern equipment, and is one of the largest companies not only in Georgia but in the region of Caucasus.
Today, a conference was held, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in partnership with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The conference "New perspectives for vocational education in tourism" was opened by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze. 
First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Ketevan Natriashvili attended the testing process of the vocational education applicants with special educational needs at the EMIS (Education Management Information System) educational institution. She also got acquainted with the learning process of the facility, and met with the students in person.
Since 9am -April 23, applicants of vocational education are being registered throughout the examination centers in Georgia. Upon a successful test completion, any person no matter the age of can have a full state-funded course of their preference (in the fields of tourism, construction, agrixulture, transport, information technology, and etc.) in a government established educational institution.... Read More
On 23-24 of April, professors visiting from the San Diego State University (SDSU) will perform a two-day seminar - STEM Academy, for the university entrants. Today, STEM Academy was announced to open, and the participants of the seminar were addressed with a speech by the Ministrer of Education and Science of Georgia –Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, the executive director of Millennium Challenge... Read More
Throughout the recent years, a solid cooperation has formed between The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in terms of vocational education development. GIZ is one of the supporters of the reform and encourages the strategical deveopment and its effective implementation.
Within the borders of  “Vocational Education for Economic Development" project, organized by the Millenium Challenge Account (MCA) Georgia, the winners of competition in terms of implementing the best practices in the vocational education industry were announced. Within the first phase, seven projects were funded, which amounted to a total of 70,000 US dollars.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia announces creative competitions for students in public and private schools: 1. " A step towards support" is a competition based on slogans, concepts and school performances (i.e flash mobs), in which the students have to express their views on violence and bullying at school, in conjunction with presenting their vision to solving such problems.
Owing to the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Center of Manuscripts of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, in partnership with Tbilisi Spiritual Seminary and Academy, a conference –“ Catholicos-Patriach Kalistrate – 150”  was held regarding the 150th anniversary of  Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia – Kalistrate Tsintsadze.
Refugees and asylum-seeking foreign students, who, unwillingly were forced to leave their homeland on account of war, are now studying at Public School № 81. These students are involved in the program - “Georgian language learning program for refugees, asylum-seekers and persons with humanitarian protection status”, initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia,... Read More
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has launched a reform concerning a pedagogical education. The reform itself is divided into medium and long term stages. Under the medium-term stage, the personnel will undergo a training with the help of the most modern and updated methods and practices. Furthermore, a one-year university training and educational program (60 credits) is bound to... Read More
The new stage in vocational education incorporates the involvement of private sector to its development. This stage is of significant importance, as it prioritizes the training of teachers and tutors. In this regard, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia within the scope of "Private Sector Development in South Caucasus" Project, successfully cooperates with the German Society for... Read More
The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, handed a medal of honor to the respected teacher and scientist of Georgian Technical University, a doctor in scientific engineering – professor Liana Sutidze. Moreover, a medal of honor was also given to the Tsotne Mirtskhulava Water Management Institute, the head of natural disasters, construction and... Read More
An international conference "supportive environment for sustainable enterprises” was held at Tbilisi Technological Center. The conference was organized by the business association "Georgian Employers Association” in partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO). Mr. Dimitri Kumsishvili – the Vice President and the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of... Read More
For the first time, International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) will be held  in Georgia, which starts on July 23, up to August 1, 2016. Moreover, the Olympiad hosted in Georgia will be the biggest Olympiad ever to be hosted in its history. Despite having a larger-scale, it is holds a world-renowned reputation, which gives an extraordinary reputation to students from more than 100 countries... Read More
In regards to the “Georgian Language Day”, The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, hosted a reception for educators, teachers and public figures. The importance, preservation and promotion of Georgian language, as well as the contribution of educators, and teaching of Georgian – as a foreign language were amongst the topics discussed by the Minister of Education and... Read More
“The language strengthens the state, and the state strengthens the language” – it’s a well-known phrase, which is a proof of Georgia’s care for its primary force - the development of the its state language. The functioning of the Georgian language in various aspects of social life is regulated by the Georgian legislation (constitution, Parliament regulations, codes,... Read More
Today, Mr. Alejandro Ome, a research scientist and an expert at National Opinion Research Center of University of Chicago presented the assessment results for the Primary Education Project (USAID/G-PriED). The presentation was attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, Deputy Minister – Ms. Lia Gigauri, as well as the representatives of... Read More
The Minister of Science and Education of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, together with USAID Assistant Administrator of Europe and Eurasia – Mr. Thomas Melia and USAID Mission Director Douglas Ball got acquainted with the ongoing primary educational project (G-PriEd) at Pubic school №64.
The Minister of Science and Education of Georgia – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, accompanied by the Deputy Minister – Mr. Giorgi Sharvashidze, held a meeting with the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State – Professor Vaughan Turekian, as well as other members of the delegation. The aim of the meeting was the support of the ongoing reforms conducted by the Ministry of... Read More
National Center for Teacher Professional Development of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in partnership with Millenium Challenge Account (MCA), organized retraining courses for vocational guidance and career planning managers in the Professional Educational Institutions.
There was a presentation/conference held regarding the ongoing Operations & Management (O&M) Program for schools, organized by the Millenium Challenge Account (MCA) Georgia.
There was a memorandum signed between the college “Spektri” and Rustavi International Motor park. The aim of the memorandum is to further advance the skills of the vocational students in order to assure their further employment in the industry.
The registration for the 2016 spring admission is currently open for the public school – “Mermisi”. The active participation of the private sector had a significant impact for the development of the insisted programs and helped to introduce modern methodologies to the teaching process. Any person who is interested, regardless the age, has the opportunity to master any... Read More
With the support of Millenium Challenge Account (MCA) Georgia, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia presented its newest vocational education reform “Public-Private partnership in vocational education”. 
The registration is currently open for the vocational study programs at Gori State Teaching University. There are presently 12 State-funded authorized vocational programs introduced at Gori State Teaching University: librarian, hospitality (Hotelier) specialist, nursery school teacher, web-developer, advertising agent, event manager, nurse practitioner, and etc. 
From March 28 up to April 10, 2016, the registration for the vocational programs is ongoing at the multi-profile public college “Spektri”. At this stage, business administration, engineering, and food safety courses hold the biggest demand. There are 260 applicants already registered for the program, including people with special educational needs. Today, the Minister of Education and... Read More
Registration is currently open for all the applicants at Ilia State University’s Educational Center for Television, on the fourth floor for the following five accredited professional programs: Photography; Editorial Producer (Editor, Audio – Visual Image Specialist); Film and TV director; News program operator – Editor (art of cinematography); TV ... Read More
The refurbishment and renovation process is slowly concluding to the only vocational institution is Tsinamdzghvriantkari village belonging to the Mktseta Municipality. Today, the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia –Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, together with the Minister of Agriculture – Mr. Otar Danelia and Regional Development and Infrastructure Minister – Mr. Nodar... Read More
The information conference for the biggest intellectual project “Intelligence Day 2016” was held at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. A detailed information about the project was presented to the audience by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Lia Gigauri, the Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia – Mr. Revaz Javelidze and... Read More
There is an ongoing successful registration for the vocational education applicants in State Vocational Institutions across Georgia. Hundreds of people are being registered for the desired program on the daily basis. There are certain programs, where the number of applicants far exceeded the acceptable contingent.
First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Ms. Ketevan Natriashvili, together with the new Director of the Millennium Challenge Corporation – Ms. Jenner Edelman and the CEO of Millenium Challenge Account –Ms.  Magda Maghradze, visited Gori public school #5 and got acquinted with the renovation process, funded by the Millennium Challenge Compact.
Teachers with the higher education have a unique opportunity to undergo a special program and upon starting a job as a teacher in any given school, be given the head teachers status. The goal of the State is to attract the best, motivated and enthustiastic teachers and at the same time to abolish the problem of non-qualified teachers in the regions of Georgia.
Applicants for the vocational education are being registered across Georgia. Today, the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia –Ms. Ketevan Natriashvili got acquainted with the registration process at Gldani vocational training center.
Owing to the funding of Millennium Challenge Account, full rehabilitation works have started in village Dzegvi, located in Mtskheta Municipality. All the fundamental works have been done, and at this stage there is a renovation processes in the classrooms and corridors.
For the 2015-2016 academic year, an updated program – “Basics of Entrepreneurship” is planned to be launched in 221 public schools across Georgia. The subject will aid secondary school students to develop planning, organization skills, as well as help the youth to enhance the capability to make certain choices and decisions. 
The implementation of the professional orientation and career development scheme has started in September. Despite the fact that the first year was the pilot, and only one semester has been determined, there is a teacher involvement. The teachers’ efforts were fruitful, 330 practitioners crossed the threshold successfully and gained a status of head teachers.
In order to improve the quality of the vocational teachers, the Ministry of Education and Science, together with partner organizations and stakeholders, is working on the regulatory documents which implies the quality training and professional development for the teachers.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia announces the registration of the 1st graders for the new 2015-2016 academic year. Registration will be carried out in 3 stages: Stage I: 2016, 4 April - 18 April Registration will be carried out in school. Those students will be registered whose: • brothers/sisters are studying in this school; • parents are employed at... Read More
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, is preparing to introduce the Internal Quality Management (EFQM) – “Model of Excellence”. Moreover, due to this news, German Society for the International Cooperation (GIZ), conducted a “Model of Excellence” workshop, led by Dr. Susan Kaldschmitt – an expert and consult for the EFQM. 
There was a opening ceremony held at the Municipal Palace of Sports regarding the School Sports Olympiad 2016. School Sports Olympics are held across the country, including all of its municipalities, as well as the teams from the private and public schools. 
With the support of the EU Technical Assistance Project, a presentation of the new education bill was held. After the presentation a discussion took place. The process is fully supported by the United Nations Development Program.
The Ministry of Education and Science – Ms.  Tamar Sanikidze got acquinted and inspected the renovation process for the Okami Public School, which is funded and supported by the Millenium Challenge Compact.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia announces the registration for the vocational education. The registration will be held from March 10 to April 28, 2016.
With the organization and support of Peace Corps – US governmental organization in cooperation with the US embassy in Georgia, a National Competition of English spelling (NESC – GE) was conducted. Today the final event of the competition was held.
Throughout the country, vocational education institutions are preparing to intake students for the spring semester. Everyone has the opportunity to choose more than 100 professions and acquire the state funding, no matter the age of the applicant.
Tbilisi public school N. 186, held an exhibition, and a competition with the topic of “Role of Women in History and Today.”
There was a large-scale exhibiton held in Telavi education and employment center, where the regional vocational educational programs and corresponding institutions were presented.
The Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili presented the reformed vocational education at Techno Park today. Education reform is an important part of the government s 4-point plan.
Within the scope of Georgia Primary Education Project (G-PriEd) there are 39 pilot programs launched across the countries schools, which implies teaching and enhancing students’ business skills for the students of I-VI grade.
The Minister of Education and Science held a meeting with the students. Additionally, Ministry officials and students exchanged information regarding the legislative changes.
Deputy Minister of Education and Science Lia Gigauri held a meeting with the delegation of Islamic Republic of Iran. The two sides exchanged the information on the current situation in terms of the education and discussed the prospects of the future cooperation.
A modern school construction was completed in the village of Iormunganlo. The School building was inspected by the Minister of Education and Science – Ms. Tamar Sanikidze, who proceeded with meeting the local students and teachers of the newly renovated school.
The French Embassy, ​​the French Institute, the Swiss Embassy, ​​the Canadian Embassy celebrated the International Francophone Day. 
At Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration, the Estonian Ambassador in Georgia - Priit Turk held a public lecture.
Dear students, We appreciate your willingness to contribute to the changes in the process, which should improve the university life. At the same time, we firmly believe that the full implementation of these types of changes is only available with your contributions.
Teacher professional development scheme within the classroom observation process piloted in March, 2016. For the first phase 20 schools of Kvemo Kartli and Shida Kartli were selected. Rustavi and Kaspi public schools were included as well.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia hosted visitors from Duisi public school from Akheta District. Adolescents from Duisi were acquinted with the social inclusion program – “Active reading club” from the students of 77th public school, and advised them to form a reading club of their own, which will serve as a common goal to unite Chechen, Kist and Akhmeta... Read More
A meeting was held at the Ministry of Education and Science for Tbilisi and Rustavi public school teachers. The meeting aimed to launch the activities for teachers, for their professional development and career advancement. 
Based on the situation created at the University, the Minister of Education and Science Tamar Sanikidze, Rector Vladimir Papava, and the student government representatives met with members of the Academic Council and the Senate. 
First Deputy Minister of Education and Science -  Ketevan Natriashvili held a working meeting with the representatives of the directorate of the European Commission for the neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations.
First of all, the university is a place for the academic activities, where under a full autonomy of the students and the academic staff can have an independent learning, teaching and research, as well as both parties must have the capability to fully express their civic position and general views.
With the organization of British Council and partnership of the Ministry of Education and Science a conference was held on March 12-13 under the title: "Inclusion and Special Educational Needs in Georgia." 
Georgian Solidarity Fund held an activities report of the 2015 year at the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Tamar Sanikidze, representatives of the Ministry and subordinate offices attended the ceremony.
An exhibition was opened at Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia Numismatic Treasures. The money-making history in Georgia spans twenty-seven centuries. One of the oldest centers of civilization in coin making is the Kolkheti civilization. The circulation of coins and banknotes begins here in VI century BC.
Rustaveli Theater, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, jointly presented the National Student Essay Competition "My Rustaveli".
Tbilisi Sports Palace is hosting the new tournament - IHF / EHF Women s World Cup in handball. The tournament will be held on March 8-13, and it takes a team of 8: Georgia, Belgium, Latvia, Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Estonia, Albania and Armenia. It is founded in 2016, Europe s top teams, which will play in the 2017 Intercontinental Cup.
The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia - Tamar Sanikidze today, awarded winner teachers with the gifts and certificates at the Microsoft-organized contest.
“The Turin Process” (TRP) organized by the European Training Foundation (ETF) and supported by the Minidstry of Education and Science of Georgia is being implemented.
Owing to the charity project of SOCAR in Georgia, a local public school in Lezhnadini district was completely reconstructed and renovated, in conjunction with equipping it with the latest appliances.
The Ministry of Education and Science Tamar Sanikidze visited – Irma Tskiphashvili, a principal of Shuapkho public school in Dusheti Municipality, who is a mother of 10 children. Tamar Sanikidze congratulated Mrs. Tskiphashvili and provided the family with various gifts.
Dr. Reinhold R. Graeme – the Chairman of the German Accreditation Council is having a business meeting in Georgia. Dr. Graeme was invited at the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia for the Quality Development Center, where the sides discussed the innovative ideas and the new models that are currently implemented in German accreditation system
On the basis of being San Diego State University partner universities – Tbilisi State University and Georgian Technical University had its laboratories renovated and equipped with modern appliances.
Owing to the initiative of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation and the European Research Council (ERC), there was a public lecture/presentation by the Vice President – Dr. Mart Saar regarding the science funding opportunities of the ERC: supporting excellent researchers/scientists all over Europe.
A Supervisory Board meeting was held at Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. The Council is composed of the world s outstanding foreign and local scientists and government members. 
The meetings with the Public schools continue. This time, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science – Lia Gigauri met with the teachers and principals of Samtredia district. The meeting was carried out in the usual way, with the form of a dialogue; the teachers presented their issues and important problems. 
With the organization of the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, there was a public lecture/ presentation – “Energy in the 21st century” held by the Professor of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Agency – Dr. Roger Cashmore for the physics and mathematics high school students.
Within the framework of the “Knowledge Week ", “Letter to Soldiers” project was implemented. The West III Infantry Brigade Soldiers, sent their response letters to the students of Tkibuli public school N6.
Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili along with the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia – Tamar Sanikidze, with other members of the government, visited Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State University, where the modular vocational educational programs, infrastructural projects and innovative teaching method presentations were held.
Parliamentary Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee and its leader - Eka Beselia, in cooperation with the Deputy Minister of Education - Lia Gigauri and the representative of the United Nations Children s Fund (UNICEF) in Georgia - Sascha Graumann held a public presentation regarding the pre-school upbringing and education in Samtredia, Imereti region.
In order to develop the entrepreneurial skills, The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in collaboration with the Georgian Chamber of Commerce, developed new textbooks with guidelines for the students and teachers alike.
From then ext academic year in Khidistavi, a well-equipped public school will be opened and more than 400 students will continue their studies in a completely renovated environment.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia announces programs of External format, those who wish to tackle general education. The applicants may register from February 17 to February 25, 2016.
In order to promote vocational education, community college “Mermisi” held a student exhibition at State Folklore Center’s exhibition hall. The exhibition was opened by the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science – Ketevan Natriashvili.
On February 12, 2016 Millennium Challenge Fund, held the final stage of the Millennium Innovation Competition. Ten contestant teams participated in the finals, which consisted of 34 students. 
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia responds to a slanderous article - "alarm bells", which was published by the author - Guram Palavandishvili (LLC real estate firm "Erdo"), who deceptively is trying to discredit the Ministry’s actions and deliberately try to confuse the society. 
Today a national report was presented at the National Assessment and Examination Center for Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). In 2014, 440 school principals and more than 6,000 teachers participated in the study.
School doctors took a course to support and promote a healthy lifestyle for the adolescents and the youth. Today, Deputy Minister of Education and Science - Lia Gigauri, the General Director of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health - Amiran Gamkrelidze and the head of the UNFPA office - Lela Bakradze handed out the certificates.
The third conference of the Women’s Forum was held at the Assembly, where the women held meetings with the members of the local government, the central government, non-governmental organizations and international organizations. 
The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, held a working meeting with the donors and non-governmental organizations in regards to the field of inclusive education. The goal of the meeting was to set strategic directions towards the inclusive education in 2016.
In regards to the 11th anniversary for founding the Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II-s International Charity Foundation, His Holiness Ilia II, met with the Foundation’s Supervisory Board members, its guardians, donors, and the winners of the grant competitions.
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University celebrates its 98th anniversary. In this regard, an event was held at the University, which was opened by the university Rector – Dr. Vladimir Papava.
The Minister of Education and Science - Tamar Sanikidze, The Millennium Challenge Corporation Depity Vice President – Fatema Sumari, and the CEO of Millennium Challenge Account in Georgia – Magda Maghradze inspected Gori N5 public school, which is being renovated under the Millennium Challenge Compact.
San Diego State University (SDSU) held a presentation of an early registration project in Georgia. Early registration is available for all the students wishing to study there, need to submit the documents from February 15 to March 15.
The Minister of Education and Science inspected the large-scale renovation works, that was completed in Kutaisi Public School N30, under an ongoing infrastructure projects across Georgia.
New year exhibition was held by the children that needs special educational environments  at  N198 public school,  the exhibition was attended by the first Deputy of Minister of Education and Science of Georgia  Ms Ketevan Natriashvili.

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